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The Card Smiths

Super simple business card design and print.

Usually the most difficult design to do within part of a branding project, and yet should be the simplest. We’ve created a revolutionary business card design and print ordering brand called The Card Smiths. By refining the products we deliver, and making the process as easy as possible, we’re looking to slowly but surely lift the level of design being handed about out there. Follow the link for more info.

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Andy Brown Photography

Designing images through the lens

Yep, Andy’s own wedding photography business! We created a contemporary brand to reflect not only a modern, clean vibe, but to add a touch of artistry. We crafted the ‘A’ icon by hand representing the human process of taking a photograph, which formed the base of the logo and the rest of the brand. Follow the link to view some of Andy’s work.

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When you let creative people behind a sewing machine…

TwinNeedle are an outdoor equipment repair company who established themselves back in 2008. Initially beginning with a stellar repair and customisation service, they expanded their scope to launch a line of robust products. Catering for outdoor enthusiasts, hunters and the New Zealand Police and the Military with their recent tactical range, we’ve had the pleasure of helping them create and fine tune their branding along the way.

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André Glynn, Photographer

Keeping it clean & simple

André is a legend in his own right, creating his own brand of beautiful artistic black & white portraits, landscapes and personal works. We worked with André to create a logo, business card and letterhead that reflected his work — dynamic, simple & timeless.

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Leo Dunne Ltd

Mechanical engineering meets good design

Many companies in the engineering industry often don’t have a solid brand, falling into the thought that it isn’t necessary. We worked with rural mechanical engineers Leo Dunne Ltd to establish a clean, professional brand consisting of a logo, icon and set of business cards that will last the test of time.

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An employer's field of dreams

TriEx Health, Safety & Wellness are a leading provider of clinical workplace solutions. They offer the employer a range of services including first aid courses, occupational safety & hygeine, pre-employment assessments and workplace wellness programmes to name a few. Along with helping establish & develop their brand, we designed a clean, contemporary brochure to help raise awareness of workplace wellness.

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Killarney Wines

Beautifully crafted wine from Hawarden, NZ

Killarney Wines needed a modern, eye-catching label for their first wine. We designed a blend of custom typography and suitable graphics that represented the warm, elevated location of the vineyard.

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